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platform Updates & Changelog

As we continue developing new features and adding more music, we'll post updates here.

Friday, Feb. 17, 2023

Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2023

  • Updated shuffle mode music order.
    Music now appears in chronological order when streaming in shuffle mode.
ElloXo Shuffle Chronological Update
ElloXo Shuffle Chronological Update
  • Added mobile QR-scanning for Loopring wallet connection.
    It is now possible to verify your NFT ownership via Loopring’s mobile app by using the QR code scanning tool from within their app. To do this, select “Connect Wallet” and then select “Wallet Connect or Loopring” from the popup menu (first image below). Then you’ll see a QR code appear (second image below) which you can use to scan from the Loopring app.
ElloXo Web 3 Wallet Connect
ElloXo Mobile Wallet Connect

Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2023

  • Updated wallet connection options.
    We’ve removed Coinbase Wallet from our wallet connection options as that was the only wallet that had not been used by anyone to verify their NFT ownership. We’ve also re-ordered the wallet connection options so that the GameStop wallet appears first (see screenshot below).
ElloXo Web 3 Wallet Connect

Monday, Feb. 13, 2023

  • Added Google reCaptcha to the contact support form.
    We added this after receiving a handful of spam form submissions via our contact support form.

  • Integrated Loopring wallet within wallet connection options.
    Today we’ve added the Loopring wallet within the wallet connect options so that owners of ElloXo’s music NFTs can now verify their ownership through Loopring’s layer 2 wallet. The screenshot below shows the new option that was added today (the 3rd option in the list).
ElloXo Web3 Wallet Connection Options

Thursday, Feb. 9, 2023

  • Finished loading back catalog from 2021-2023.
    All original music produced by ElloXo between 2021-2023 has been loaded into the private area of this website for verified owners to access.

  • Added shuffle/radio mode to randomly play nonstop music.
    This new feature is only available to verified NFT owners. To access “shuffle” mode, start on the “stream and download” page then select the first item from the grid. The screenshots below illustrate what this new feature looks like.
ElloXo Radio, Shuffle All Songs
ElloXo Radio, Shuffle All Songs

Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2023

  • Minted 500x VIP Access Passes and airdropped 469 of them to members of r/SuperStonk.
    Last weekend we hosted an NFT giveaway on Reddit and today we minted and airdropped the VIP Access Passes to everyone who requested free access to this website. The token-gate has been updated to allow owners of these VIP Access Passes to stream and download music.

Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2023

  • Finished loading back catalog from 2017-2021.
    All original music produced by ElloXo between 2017-2021 has been loaded into the private area of this website for verified NFT owners to access.

  • Added a new, free music page.
    For anyone who would like to take this website out for a test drive please visit our free music page. The music streaming and downloading functionality has been unlocked publicly on this page and does not require you to connect your wallet to preview these songs.

  • Resolved UI display issues on tablet.
    Fixed the issue where some grid-based music player pages were not loading perfectly on tablets.

Sunday, Feb. 5, 2023

  • Added Google analytics to track playlist/song plays.
    All data collected by Google analytics is anonymized and does not include any tracking for which verified wallets are responsible for the streams.

  • Continued loading music to the verified section of the website, including;
    Chapter 32 is a 16-track pop & future-bass album that was originally released in 2021.
    Just Press Play is a 4-track tech-house EP that was originally released in 2021.
    Like That (Remix) is a single future-bass tune that was originally released in 2021.
    Bad Days (ElloXo Remix) is a single future-bass tune that was originally released in 2020.

Saturday, Feb. 4, 2023

  • Responsive UX improvements.
    Various sections of this website that were previously not displaying perfectly on mobile/tablet have been corrected.

  • Prevented direct access to audio files for non-verified users.
    Until today, it was possible for verified users to view the page source to identify direct links to our audio files which could then be shared and accessed by non-verified users. While today’s update doesn’t prevent anyone from viewing the page source to identify direct paths to our audio files, it does prevent direct access to the audio files themselves. Sharing direct links to our audio files no longer allows unauthorized streaming/downloading.

  • Added NFT purchase required popup message when non-verified users select music from the browse-all-music page.
    The screenshots below show what this popup message looks like for non-verified users before/after they’ve select an album from the grid.
ElloXo NFT Purchase Required Before
ElloXo NFT Purchase Required

Friday, Feb. 3, 2023

  • Implemented token gating & wallet connect logic for the first 12x NFTs in the collection.
    Website visitors will now see a “connect wallet” button and message below the menu on all pages. Once a wallet has been connected, these items will disappear and a new “connected wallet” menu item will appear along with additional options to view your NFTs and to disconnect your wallet.

  •  Updated the layout and content on the Buy NFTs page.
    Links to purchase the NFTs via LoopExchange were added along with NFT previews on the GameStop’s marketplace.

  • Removed the ability for non-verified users to stream and download music.
    Until today, we had a “backstage preview” that allowed anyone to stream and download music. The public-access has been removed and replaced by our token gated solution so that only verified NFT owners can stream and download music. Once an NFT holder has successfully verified their ownership they’ll be redirected to a /verified version of this page where all music streaming and downloading features will be unlocked.

  • Reworked the main menu items and added some additional resources.
    The new pages we’ve added include; Frequently Asked Questions, Project Roadmap, Contact Support & Latest Updates (the page you’re on now).