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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers for everything you'd like to learn about ElloXo's NFT project.

  • Why did you build this website?
    Over the course of his music career, ElloXo has received ~7,000,000 streams and after experiencing the pay-per-stream model firsthand he came to learn that it does not provide sufficient income for independent artists. ElloXo is seeking to prove to other independent artists that transitioning to an NFT-based, token-gated, music ownership platform will empower them to bypass many of the music industry’s middle-men and keep a larger percentage of their music sales and royalties to themselves. Ultimately, his hope is to prove that this NFT-music model will allow independent artists to both earn more from their creations and allow them to focus more of their energy on creating new content for their fans.

  • What is an NFT token gate?
    ElloXo has developed interactive music streaming NFTs which allow owners to play music directly through interactive NFT compatible wallets. These same NFTs can also be used as a key to unlock additional content from this website. This is called ‘token-gating’ and it allows verified NFT owners to both access and download music from ElloXo’s discography. These verified NFT owners will also have access to additional unreleased music, live mixes and video content as they become available.

  • When I connect my L2 wallet to this website am I authorizing you to make any transactions within my wallet?
    No. Wallet security is our top priority and that’s why our wallet connect functionality has read-only access to your wallet via your preferred wallet provider’s API. This website is not authorized to make any changes or transactions. The only thing our wallet connect functionality can do is verify that you indeed own one of ElloXo’s NFTs. Once confirmed you’ll be granted access to all music streaming and downloading functionality.

  • Which L2 wallets are currently supported?
    Currently you can connect to this website and verify your NFT ownership via the following wallets; GameStopNFT wallet, MetaMask, Coinbase wallet and all wallets currently supported by Wallet Connect. We are actively working on integrating Loopring’s wallet into this website as well.

  • How many NFTs do I need to own to access the token-gated features of this website?
    One. So long as you verify that you own at least one of ElloXo’s NFTs you will have access to the private area of this website. This includes access to all music ElloXo produces and releases in the future as well.

  • I’m an artist who wants to bring my music into this format, can you help?
    Heck yes! Please reach out via the support page.

  • Can I see how your music player works before I purchase an NFT?
    Yes. Please visit the free music page where you’ll find a few tracks that we’ve made available for free to everyone.

  • Where can I buy your NFTs and how much do they cost?
    Our collection is currently available on LoopExchange and the original mint price for all NFTs is 50 $LRC/ea.

  • My question wasn’t answered here, can you help?
    Sure thing, please reach out via the support page and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.