Please connect your wallet and verify NFT ownership to unlock all music streaming and download functionality.


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Welcome to the future of music ownership

ElloXo is excited to announce true music ownership has returned via L2 NFTs and this new token-gated website.

Here's how it works

purchase an nft

ElloXo’s NFTs can be purchased via his Digital Vinyl collection on LoopExchange.

Verify your nft ownership

To do this, select “connect wallet”. From there, you’ll be prompted to select your preferred NFT wallet for verification. This website currently supports the following wallets; GameStopNFT, MetaMask, Wallet Connect & Coinbase Wallet.

Stream & Download Music

Once your wallet has been verified as an owner of one of ElloXo’s music NFTs, the music streaming and downloading functionality will automatically become unlocked for you.

Additional information & Resources